When you read my Gluten-Free page, you’ll learn, I’m starting a quest to be completely gluten-free (in addition to already being lactose-free, caffeine-free and aspartame-free).  It makes me feel better and improves my overall health


I recently found out about the company Arbonne and became a supporter and consultant.  Initially, I thought it’s another one of those companies that sells makeup but when I learned that all of it’s products are gluten-free and vegan including the skin-care and protein-shakes and makeup, it made me think perhaps I’m getting gluten in my system from sources I don’t even realize like my lotion or face-cream.  If you think it might be something you want to try, consider trying the 30-day challenge or one of their other products.

Bob’s Red Mill

There is a wonderful source of Gluten-Free food products which can help you stay gluten-free and tastes great.  So you love bread! Who doesn’t love bread and pizza? If you’re ready to make your own, explore Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Products which taste delicious and are gluten-free.  If you’re not ready to make your own, explore local restaurants and ask if they make gluten-free foods.

Local Restaurants (around Richmond, Virginia)

Delicious gluten-free pizza, think of Pie-Five Pizza Co

Delicious cupcakes and made-to-order cakes which are gluten-free, think of Frostings Bake Shop


I do have a financial interest in Arbonne because I want to support such an incredible company and products as a consultant.

I do not have a financial interest in any other product listed on this page.  They are just my favorites to eat and enjoy.