Welcome to the wonderful world of Arbonne.

It is much more than a make-up company. The products provide you tools for proper nutrition, weight loss and overall healthy well-being.

I love the company because everything they make is pure, safe, beneficial (TM).

Everything they make is also gluten-free, vegan and kosher and with a green and global sustainability commitment.

Read about their ingredient policy. Not a single Arbonne product has ANY of the following: “animal products or by-products | artificial flavors | artificial sweeteners | benzene | bisphenol-a | carbon black | formaldehyde-donating preservatives | hydroquinone | mineral oil | parabens | petrolatum | phthalates | sodium laureth sulfates (SLES) | sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) | synthetic dyes | talc | triclosan | triethanolamine (TEA) And so much more …”

You can become a Preferred Client for a 20% discount on all products and 40% discount on value packs!  To become a preferred client, it is only $29 per year and you will save much more than that in discounts.

Or if you love it as much as I do, you can become a consultant too and share the wonderful botanically based, pure, toxin-free, paraben-free products that will transform your face and life.

Contact me via phone/text (804-277-9458) or email (drpradhan@eyedoctormd.org) to place an order or you can order online at shilpipradhan.arbonne.com


Read about Arbonne Nutrition

Have you heard about the Arbonne-30-day-clean eating program? You all know what clean eating is. It is eating without toxins that can damage your body and health (pesticides, extra sugars/sweeteners, parabens, additives that can cause cancer). It can be hard to piece together which supplements you need, which protein shakes your body tolerates, what food to eat.

Arbonne makes it easy to switch to clean eating with their 30-day program. First of all, all of Arbonne products, whether the nutrition or the make-up are ALL gluten-free, certified Vegan and Kosher. They take out the gluten, dairy and soy for you – the allergens to which you body can be sensitive and you may not even realize it yet. Allergens which can cause hidden inflammation. The program also recommends eating organic to get the most nutrients from your food.

To start the program, you have to make a commitment to yourself and pick a day. You start with a nutrition pack with delicious protein shakes and an invitation to a FB group with step-by-step support and recipes to help make you into the best version on you! The protein shakes also have essential vitamins, not just protein. The nutrition pack also makes you take fiber and probiotics (which we all know are good for us) and detox tea. It also has fizz additives for caffeine for those that need it.

I am committing to my health. I started my first Arbonne-30 on January 1st, 2018 and I feel great. No bloating, more energy, less fatigue and brain fog. The shakes keep me full and the delicious dinner recipes are easy to make. Join me to make a change for your health!

Skin Care

Look how it has changed my skin in just 21 days!

Watch Video about RE9 Arbonne SkinCare


Learn more about Arbonne Makeup

Remember, since everything is gluten-free, vegan and kosher, there are no animal products in anything that is Arbonne.