How can you tell if I have dry eye disease?

A complete eye exam and appropriate testing is important to diagnose the cause of your dry eye syndrome.  Once we have determined the cause, we can treat it more effectively.

Simple things you can do include environmental monitoring, basic eye care, using supplemental tear drops and taking oral fish oil (see below).

Environmental monitoring includes not pointing the vent at your face in the car and giving your eyes a break after concentrated activities like reading or computer use every 20-30 minutes.  Basic eye care means taking off your makeup every night.  Dr. Pradhan can recommend additional and specific treatment of your dry eyes after a complete exam.

Specialty Services:

We are pleased to be an Accredited Dry Eye Center of Excellence as certified by TearLab.  TL-ADEC-SEAL

We have objective methods of determining your dry eye disease, if indicated, including

  • Tear osmolarity test by TearLab – abnormal being >/ 308 mOsm/L or an intereye difference of >/ 8 mOsm/L
  • Schirmer’s basal tear production
  • Lipiscan for meibomian gland disease
  • Omega-3 Index by Omega Quant
  • Sjogren’s and Vitamin A deficiency Lab tests