What is Blepharitis and Meibomitis?

Blepharitis is crusting of your eyelashes usually due to a mild skin bacteria infection or mite (Demodex) infection.  The meibomian glands are behind your eyelashes and produce the oil layer of your tear film.  If the glands are clogged up with skin bacteria or debris, they are not excreting the proper amount of oil for your eyes.  Your tear film does not have its protective oil layer and will evaporate faster.  It is important to keep both your eyelashes and oil glands free of debris for proper functioning and comfort of your eyes.


            • Remove your eye makeup nightly with an eye makeup remover. Visit our Cosmetic page for more information.
            • If your eyelids are itchy, use warm compresses nightly for 10 minutes (Good eye mask to heat in microwave available in our office)


              • In office treatment with BlephEx cleaning/debridement for blepharitis – available at Eye Doctor MD PC
              • If you have demodex blepharitis, consider a tea tree oil containing cleanser like Cliradex (available in our office)
              • If you have blepharitis, consider an eyelid cleanser like Avenova (available in our office)
              • Consider imaging and treating your meibomian glands with the Lipiflow system (available in our office)

TESTIMONIALS FOR BLEPHEX: (see Testimonials Page for other patient reviews)

“I wouldn’t trust my eyes with just anyone!  Dr. Pradhan and her staff and wonderfully patient and took the time to explain everything to me.  It was a relaxed and comfortable examination.  During the Blephex treatment, Dr. Pradhan had a gentle touch and the determination not to miss a spot.  She and her staff sincerely wanted to know how everything was and followed up to make sure everything was going well.  I would highly recommend Dr. Pradhan for your dry eyes.” – Brian

What is Demodex Blepharitis?

This is more than just regular blepharitis.  This is where your eyelashes have an infestation of mites.  If you suffer from chronic red itchy eyes or eyelids, eyelid crusting, recurrent styes or chalazions that are just not resolving with standard treatment, you need to come in for an examination to see if you may have demodex in your eyelashes.

There is a good treatment for Demodex. However, it requires you to work with your doctor and follow the treatment regimen.

Videos courtesy of Dr. Julia Nemiroff, MD